January 15, 2018

Is ListingPro going to bump the price in 2018?

Is ListingPro going to bump the price in 2018?
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Do you know why people pay more for an Apple device whether it’s an iPhone or a MacBook when you can get the same or even better specifications on a Dell or Lenovo laptop?

Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. - Steve Jobs

The answer is simple; it’s the quality, user experience, a brand that you can trust. You don’t have to agree with us, but it doesn’t change the fact that Apple kept innovating and disrupting consumer technology on many fronts.

Similarly, Tesla revolutionized the transport industry in the last few years. What these companies sell is not a product but rather an end-to-end experience that you pay the extra bit for.


Inspired by the same philosophy as Apple and Tesla, the team behind ListingPro has remained dedicated to disrupting the Directory & Listing market by innovating and focusing on solving pain-killer problems by building a complete end-to-end directory solution for WordPress users from the ground-up rather than building just another directory theme.

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For several years, most of the directory products available on the market were very basic directory themes that required several hundred to even thousands of dollars’ worth of additional plugins to build a functional directory site. So, your average cost to build a directory site would have been somewhere in the range of $300 to $1500.

Is ListingPro going to bump the price in 2018?

To continue building more features and providing you with top quality support, we need to make price adjustments to justify these changes and improvements so we can continue delivering you an excellent product and service.

So YES! we have decided to bump up our price this year and we had announced that prices would eventually go up from the first day of launch.

Seriously why should I pay more for ListingPro?

problem-solutionListingPro was a total game changer in the market. At just $69, you got almost everything built into the theme which you would normally have paid around $1000 or more for it. So even with a price increase, you’re still not paying anywhere near over $1000. So, if you compared to what you have been paying for building a directory for past several years, you still would be saving up to 95%.



The biggest difference between ListingPro and the rest of the Themes is that ListingPro is NOT A THEME. It’s the only End-to-End Directory Solution built from scratch with a mission to address the most underserved needs, whereas the rest of them are just Directory Themes, built on top of several 3rd Party Plugins.


Core Value Proposition

ListingPro is an End-to-End Solution designed for WordPress users who want to build a Directory Listing site and start earning in multiple ways out of the box.

Please note that ListingPro is NOT just a Theme, it’s a complete solution.

But with so many good Themes out there, why pay more for ListingPro?

There are nearly 100 directory & listing themes on ThemeForest but hardly 10 that really sell, rest of them are just collecting dust.

ListingPro, on the other hand, is the number 1 best seller on themeforest week after week since the launch in April 2017.

We can also say that ListingPro is not for everyone; it’s for people who want to make a smart investment into their startup to build a rock solid and scalable directory site. We have clients with directory sites in production with 3000 to 300,000+ listings. - Over 300,000+ Listings – Over 300,000+ Listings

Not convinced yet? Here are top 10 Reason Why ListingPro is your smart investment?

  1. No Paid Plugins Needed


During our research, we found out that most of the WordPress Directory Themes which are priced around $30-$60 do not include all the necessary plugins to create a decent enough directory site without having to purchase additional plugins that may cost you up to $700 to sometimes even $1500+. And the most surprising thing is that some of those could end up being annually recurring payments.

  1. Stop Your Nightmares (with 3rd Party Plugins)


With most directory themes, you just pay for the theme or very basic functionality. You then will have to purchase several third-party plugins from various different authors. Getting it all working together can become a nightmare when you run into an issue. And chances are, each plugin author will point fingers at the other and you end up spending tons of dollars on a directory site that ultimately doesn’t work as expected.

  1. Start Monetizing on Day Zero


With ListingPro, you don’t need any third-party plugins or extension to start earning. There are several ways you can start monetizing your directory site out-of-the-box day on the first itself.

  1. In-Person One-on-One User Testing

“The ability to learn faster from customers is the essential competitive advantage that startups must possess.”
― Eric Ries,

Yes! we tested our product the Lean Start-up Way. ListingPro has gone through several hours of one-on-one in-person testing by several WordPress and Non-WordPress users. Without boasting we can say that our testing model allowed us to gain insights that our competitors could only dream of. This doesn’t include the countless hours of testing done by our engineering team, product manager, and early beta testers.

  1. 4,500+ Directories Kick-started in 2017 in less than 8 months


Without saying too much, the numbers do the talking for us. We are very grateful for the huge community of innovators who trusted us and backed us from day one and made us who we are today. Without a doubt, ListingPro has become the household name among the WordPress community for building a directory site. Go to Case-Studies page for live examples built with ListingPro.

  1. 250+ Five-Star Testimonials World-Wide

Our customers have set our reputation in stone by leaving us over 250 Five Star reviews. Words like “gratitude”, past experiences and detailed explanation of their results lighten our steps, validating that we’re on the right path along with our customers.

  1. Documentation & Support


ListingPro is the most extensively documented Directory product out there with over 200+ detailed knowledge-based articles. Add that to a team of dedicated support ninjas who are available ‘round the clock’ to respond to your questions via a dedicated help-desk.

The Support Channel is always the most important area for the end buyers. That being said, we take care of customers’ doubts by certifying the efficiency of our services and any prior customization to exceed their expectations and match their excitement to build their business with our solution.

  1. 30+ Updates in Last 9 months

On average we have given 3 updates every month since the launch in April 2017. We’re constantly updating ListingPro with fresh features that our customers have been requesting. Many customers have shared their past experience with known themes who have promised to update a feature or increase the user flexibility; ultimately, they failed to do so. See our updates logs here.

  1. Constantly Consulting with Experts


We want to be the leaders in what we do by continuously innovating and building pain-killer products. To do so, we consult and get advice from some of the most brilliant minds in Silicon Valley. These people are the real deal. Just talking to them for an hour could cost you somewhere from $300 to even $5000. No kidding!

  1. No coding knowledge needed. Easy to set up.

Our simple Easy Setup Assistant will walk you through the initial installation and demo setup, so in less than 5 mins you will be able to kick-start your directory project.

Unlike everyone else we primarily focus and believe in delivering pain-killer features for directory & listing solution, so we don’t just say yes to every feature.



So yes, the price will go up and will be around $100. But don’t fret, it’s going to happen in stages. We highly recommend you to get as many licenses as you want for your business now while you can still get them at the lower price. Once we implement the increase, we can’t guarantee that you will enjoy the old prices.

So finally the good news is that the price increase will happen gradually in stages, for example from $69 to $79, then $89 and then finally $99 at least by the mid or end of 2018. As the license allows only one installation per domain we highly recommend you to purchase the additional licenses asap.

The price increase will help grow our team to continue developing for you with more awesome features and remain the #1 Best-Selling Directory Theme Every! We strongly believe that you will support our decision.


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