There are several options to earn and monetize from a directory built with ListingProWP including Paid Pricing Plans, Paid Claim, Ads Campaign, Google Adsense, and more.

The Digital Wallet feature allows you to earn a commission for all the appointment bookings (MedicalProWP) or Event Ticket Sales (EventProWP) and listing owner (Vendor) can track their earnings and fees from their user dashboards.

Digital Wallet is included only with our premium add-ons, MedicalProWP and EventProWP.

ListingProWP is integrated with the over 10 most popular Payment Gateways enabling you to accept payments from users from anywhere in the world.


A built-in appointment booking feature that is an easy one-click setup for admin and simply intuitive to use for both business listing owner and visitor. Includes Calendar view and more.

For more advance appointment booking features check our new MedicalPro Healthcare Directory Add-on for ListingProWP. It supports bookings with commission and can accept payments from patients.

An easy drag-&-drop Lead form builder gives full control over how you or your users want to build the lead form on listing details.

Directory owners or admins can now get bird-eye view of their online business directory website. This means getting insights into the key performance indicators (KPIs) to help run the directory business smoothly and grow it faster.

ListingProWP offers intuitive user dashboard for listing owner to get insights on their business performance such as user views, customer leads and custom reviews. Business owner are alerted regarding low-rating for their business to help respond to customer consern on time. Users can manage, and promoting their listing by creating an Ads Campaign.

Elementor and WPBakery Page Builders are supported and includes 25+ ListingProWP elements to help design it the way you like. Front-end drag-&-drop is supported in both the page builders.

An easy drag-&-drop Front-End Submission (FES) form builder gives full control over how you want to build your entire front-end listing form for any industry.

OpenStreetMaps, a free alternative to Google maps is now the default map option. Google Map is only required for advanced location features..

Multi-Criteria rating builder allow admins to create unique sets of criteria based on different categories. Global criteria is also available.


Now you can choose to set a priority order for the search results page from various different options such as:.

  • Claimed, By Title (A – Z or Z – A)
  • By Date (Most recently published)
  • Most Viewed
  • Most Reviewed
  • Highest Rated
  • Random

In addition to the insights provided by the default user dashboard that’s available for listing owners out of the box, business owners can use Google Analytics to gain insight into each listing by entering a UA code provided by Google Analytics in their dashboard..

Display Events Calendar in various different styles for visitors to quickly filter to the right event and sign up for the event. Both list and map views are available. .

ListingPro search is the most advanced and dynamic built-in search system on the directory market today, yet it is the most simple-to-use as it removes the out-dated complexities in the traditional directories by keeping the search fields to simply two fields (example: WHAT and WHERE).

ListingPro's IntelliSense based search is the next-generation archive search system giving instant live suggestions for keywords, categories, listing name, and even in combinations (tags in category). The Location search is City (region) based. Cities can be added manually or automated with Google Maps API.

In addition, when a user searches for something it can also take them to an archived page with all the listings containing the most relevant data according to their search, giving them the best possible results. The advanced search algorithm is designed from ground-up to dramatically change the behavior based on the way the directory admin has configured the settings in Theme Options.

For example, the search can be either static, were if the user type in car, only the listing that has the word car in it will show, or have your search more dynamic were if user type in the word car they can get listings that also have words such as auto, automobile, workshop, etc.


ListingPro helps users to instantly filter search results, and find exactly what they needed. It's the most advanced and dynamic built-in filtering system on the directory market today. Users can easily narrow the search with price group, open now, near me and features (amenities). Additionally the admin can create custom filtering options by enabling custom facet types including buttons, checkboxes, drop-downs, price-range, and sliders for proximity (geolocation).

Smart Filtering

Your users can easily filter the search results by choosing from the following options available:

  • Near Me
  • Distance Radius (Works with Near Me only)
  • Price Group ($, $$, $$$, $$$$)
  • Open Now
  • Sort by (Best Match, Most Viewed, Most Reviewed, Highest Rated)
  • Categories
  • Features
  • Additional Details

Now your users can have even more flexibility while doing searches for specific activities that has multiple groups that may need filtering using features and additional details at the same time.

ListingPro includes a very comprehensive built-in Ads system that allows directory owners to monetize by enabling it for business owners to generate more leads with targeted listing ads that are displayed in various different prime spots throughout the directory to maximize the conversion. There are three primary options to show the ads on the various locations, which are Spotlight Ads, Top of Search Ads and Sidebar Ads.

Targeted Advertising

When a business owner runs an Ads campaign to promote their listing, their listing is displayed as an ad on top of the organic results to customers searching for a specific category, tag (keyword) or feature in a specific location.

Maximize Eyeballs

The more eyeballs translate to high-conversion. Ads can be displayed on the home page or inner pages, listing details sidebar and of course in the search result above the organic results.

Visitors to your directory will think twice before leaving anything less than 3 star on a business listing with our powerful emotion (emoji) based rating system.

  • Multi-criteria rating.
  • A customer can leave a rate & review with instant signup (with email) or by logging in (with email or social login)
  • A customer can upload images
  • A customer can vote (interesting, lol or love) on a comment.
  • A listing owners can make public reply to all reviews from their user dashboard.
  • As per industry best practice, a business owner is not allowed to edit or delete reviews received from visitors (reviews can be flagged for site-admin to delete).
  • A customer (visitor) can edit their submitted review anytime.

Admin can enable Geolocation with either GPS or IP address.

GPS based Auto-Locate (SSL required)

PROS: Accurate location detection.

CONS: User's consent is required to get their location. If user has blocked this feature in might not prompt.


IP Address based Auto-Locate

PROS: User's consent is not required to get their location. It will auto fetch instantly without any prompts.

CONS: The location shown is usually not very accurate as it may pick a distant wireless tower.

A new powerful built-in checkout system designed for business listing owners to purchase paid plans during new listing submission or upgrade listings. Users can even start ads campaign with instant checkout. Users submitting new listing can apply coupons and choose to opt for recurring payments along with option to enable Tax (VAT). Out-of-the-box ListingPro comes with most popular Payment Gateways and a developer-friendly payment module to integrate additional payment options. You don't need to depend on WooCommerce to accept payments anymore for running your directory business.

  • PayPal (Auto-Recurring Supported)
  • Stripe (Auto-Recurring Supported)
  • 2Checkout
  • Wire Transfer (Manual)
  • Generate Invoice or Receipt (Wire)
  • Charge Tax/VAT
  • Accepts Coupon

Let the business owners host an event and promote it on their listings. A separate event's listings page is also created with more details and easy share.

ListingPro comes with a FREE add-on that works with WP All Import (Free Version). Steps to import are provided here.

Build unique and professional directory websites with ListingPro. Whether you’re just starting or a startup, you can easily and quickly customize design settings and upload your own logos and images to suite your brand and taste. You can change typography, color, logo, Images, Icons etc.

ListingPro comes ready to launch your blog as part of WordPress core features but it offers more unique styles to match your directory.

This is one of the most powerful features that allows you to assign Features (Amenities) to a specific category which later can be used in the filter to further narrow down the result. Categories can also be assigned to custom Form Fields (Additional Details).

Each category can have their own set of details, that highlights to their visitors about what each businesses has to offer within their specialities.

Take your listing details page to whole another level with Custom Fields (aka Additional Details). Now you can associate each category with a unique set of additional information created using the custom Form Fields such as text field, radio button, check boxes, etc. Also Additional Details allows users to provide more details about business such as Parking Options, Ambience, Safe for Kids, etc. The custom fields can be enabled in the filter for users to narrow down the results even further.

Announcement! Now Paid Claim feature is also available.

The Claim Now on a business listing details page allows a user to establish the ownership by verifying with the site-admin. Once signed in, user can request to claim the listing by filling out the claim form and wait for the site-admin to review and approve. Once successfully claimed, a business owner gets a Claimed badge.

Then only a business owner can update their business profile, respond to customer reviews, run ads campaign to promote, receive new leads, etc. Every business owner needs to go through this claim process to avoid the competition to abuse someone else business listing.

ListingPro works with Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page builder. It includes several Visual Composer elements that can be used on the Non-Directory listing page such as Home, about us, contact us, etc. Visual Composer cannot be used to customize core directory pages. Those changes are handled from Theme Options.

Get up an running in less than 5 minutes with Easy Assistant Wizard. It will help you install and activate all the required plugins and also give you option to import dummy content.

Email Management Settings via Theme Options

Manage all email templates that are sent to users on an action taken or when a cron job is executed successfully. Here is the list of email templates included.

  • General Email Settings
  • Set email address and email sender name here
  • New Registered User
  • Submit Listing
  • New listing submit mail
  • Purchase Activated
  • Package / Pay per listing has been purchased
  • Approved Listing
  • Expired Listing
  • Expired Ads Campaign
  • Wire Invoice
  • Claim Listing ( submission )
  • Claim Listing ( Approval )
  • Campaign Activation(To ADMIN)
  • Campaign Activation(To Author)
  • Recurring Payment Reminder Email
  • Subscription Cancel Email
  • Lead Form Email Template

Listing owners can offer coupons or deals to their visitors on the listing details page to drive more traffic by setting a limited time with count-down.

AutoFill the primary business listing details from front-end to avoid human errors by fetching primary data with Google API.

Flag a listing and it will be reported to admin for further review. Admin can verify if any businesses are running their listings inappropriately against Directory Terms & Conditions.
Users can flag inappropriate listings and then admin can take action more quickly to reduce hated listings, fake listings, etc.

Flag & Report a Comment
Flag a comment and it will be reported to admin for further review. Now admin can verify if any comment was flagged as inappropriate in businesses listings inappropriately against Directory Terms & Conditions. Users can flag inappropriate comments as well and then admin can take action more quickly to reduce hated comments, fake comments, inappropriate language, etc.

Grid & List View redefined for the best experience. Every pixel has been considered during the grid/list view UI design phase as the goal is to display the most relevant information in limited space while providing the best UX. With several unique stylish views, listing owners and end-users will more likely to enjoy and reading businesses details on each page as their go-to directory.

Invoices are generated upon purchase and they can be accessed from business owner dashboard by individual user. Invoice branding and content can be updated based on your requirements.

  • Location with Google Places API. Use shortcodes to restrict locations for specific country.
  • Predefined Location

LeadGen/Contact form can be enabled to show on business listings, enabling the business owners to generate potential leads. Admin can decide whether the forms submission are sent to business listing owner's email address (once listen is claimed) or to Inbox (within User Dashboard).

Now even though having the geo-location available as default, end-users can also filter by nearby listings to give a better user experience while searching. This leverages, even more, the user's interest in whose looking for businesses with a pre-defined distance. Also, the nearby results can include the previously searched category or the entire directory and its businesses.

Nearby listings will appear on the listings details page. You have the option to select the distance of near by listings in relation to the current listing being viewed. You can also choose to only display the listing from the same category or leave it to display random listings. The coolest part is the distance will also be indicated.

For us, Mobile User Experience (UX) wasn’t just another checkbox. With the release of version 1.2 you will notice a huge improvement on mobile and this is the first step towards the mobile app like experience.

Create unlimited free and paid plans. Charge members for number of days, months, year!

  • Freemium Plans (Force upgrade after free duration expires)
  • Premium Plan
  • Pay-Per Listing
  • Pay-Per Package
  • Auto-Recurring
  • Change/Upgrade Plan
  • Display Events Calendar in various different styles for visitors

Powerful Menu Management System (MMS) is included in ListingPro 2.0 which allows business owners to create their own menu with different Types (Ex. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) and Groups (Ex. Appetizer, Main Course, Desserts).

Share your business menu such as restaurant menu, auto-services price-chart, beauty and spa price chart etc. You can upload multiple pages of the menu in image format.

This option can also bring marketing offers, indicating discount prices to users that gets in contact with your business through the directory, and you can change strategies every time when needed.

Sleek collapsable business operational hours based on the listing geo-location, plus instant status such as:

  • Multi-Operational Hours (2nd Time Slot in a day) NEW!
  • Support for businesses open past 12 am (midnight) will be counted as same-day based on the business opening time.
  • Open Now Indicator
  • Closed Now Indicator
  • Day Off Indicator
  • 24 Hours Indicator

Preview a listing details installing in a quick ajax window.

ListingPro comes integrated wit Nextend Social Login plugin for Facebook, Google & Twitter. You don't need any additional free or paid plugins.

ListingPro has been officially tested with Yoast SEO (Free Version) and it's our preferred SEO plugin.

Make things go viral by letting your visitors easily start sharing the business listing on their favorite social network.

Save and bookmark a listing have never been so easier. Once saved you can go to the user dashboard and find all the saved listing under the saved tab. This is a built-in feature and doesn't require any additional plugins.

Now you can protect all your forms from spam with Google ReCaptcha.

This makes things more easier. Protect everything in everywhere at once or by preferences. Admin can give to users and business the protection that they need. No worries about spam, bot responses, vote scripts, etc. With Google Recaptcha you're covered.

  • User Registeration
  • User Login
  • Listing Submission
  • Listing Edit
  • Lead Form
  • Review Form
  • Contact Page Form

Statistics are part of the intuitive User dashboard which gives insight into critical data points making this a single pain of glass for business owners.

For more details of the dashboard watch the following video.

On the home page give special credit to a business or feature it for a month as part of the home page banner. This could possibly turn into an additional option to monetize.

Schema is supported with plugin.

You can enable Tax (VAT) and update the Tax Rate based on your country. A really important feature for countries that specify taxes to run a business with advertisements and online campaigns as SMBs (small and medium-sized business).

Admin can easily cover these costs with taxes and repass the cost to business owners. For some countries these taxes are obligated and both either agencies and businesses should provide a tax return.

ListingPro has been officially tested with Loco Translate (Free Version) and it's our preferred plugin to translate all the strings.

There are several languages translated more than 50%. Please go to our github page for updated info on the languages.

Enable video banner for providing unique experience to your visitors.

It has never been so easier to level up your brand to the next level. Now you can not only tell with static images but also show with amazing business introduction that highlights passion, missions and values.

Internal messaging system that allow business owners to receive and reply messages directly within the user-dashboard when a lead is generated via a lead form on the listing details page.

We have integrated our theme with 2 best booking systems, TimeKit and Resurva.

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