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Please find all the resources to help you with Pre-Sale and Post-Sale support. If you are unable to find the answers using the below resources we have provided ways to contact us. If you have already purchased scroll down to all Post-Sale resources

🔍 All Pre-Sale Resources

Pre-Sale Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions before you buy? We’ve got answers!

Go to Pre-Sale FAQs

Live Demos – Pre-built Directory Demos

Kickstart you directory with ease with our one-click demos.

Built-in Options:
Classic | PlacesPro | RestaurantPro

Free Demos Add-ons:
WeddingPro | LawyerPro | PetFinderPro | BlackPro | CBDPro | DrivePro | YellowPro

Extended Solution Add-ons: MedicalProWP | EventProWP

Real Examples

Live examples of directory websites built with ListingPro. Also watch testimonials videos.

Go to Examples | Testimonial Videos

All Features

Learn about all the features included right out-of-the-box with no paid plugins needed.

View All Features

License & Renewal

All of the licenses are single-use licenses with 6 months support included.

Usage Terms | Support Term

Pricing & Discount

ListingPro is exclusively available on Envato for $69 only.

Learn more

💡Ask a Pre-Sale Question

Let us help you decide whether ListingPro is the right fit for your needs.

Ask Publicly | Ask Privately

Backend Demo Access

This demo access is for testing purposes only. The demo will reset periodically without any notice. Follow the links below to get access to the front-end and back-end of ListingPro

Listingpro ADd-ons

All additional free and paid ListingPro add-ons are available here.

All Post-Sale Resources

Post-Sale Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to basic question after you purchased, check our Post-Sale FAQs.

Go to Post-Sale FAQs

Update Log

Learn what’s new in the latest version of ListingPro.

Go to Update Logs

Documentation Guide

Use this quick guide to get started with basic guidance on initial setup.

Go to Documentation

Knowledge base

Tons of detailed articles on various different topics to help you.

Go to Knowledge base

Video Tutorials

Watch step-by-step video tutorials for ListingPro.

Official Videos | Unofficial Videos

Helpdesk – Technical Support

Can’t find the answer in the above resources? Go get help from our dedicated staff.

Open Support Ticket | How to?

all Paid Services

Checkout all available paid services for ListingPro such as consultation, installation, optimization, customization from our contractors and partners.

Pick a Service

My Support Expired

If your support has expired, and whether or not you plan to renew, please read the article below.

What should I do?

Users Community & Group

Connect with thousands of active ListingPro users directly via Facebook group.

Official Facebook Group

Udemy Courses

Learn step-by-step how to start an online directory business from pros.

Created by Nayyar Sheikh

Feedback or complaint

If you have any feedback or complaint regarding our product or service, please go to the link below to submit a complaint.

Submit Your Feedback

Report a Bug

If you think you have found a bug in ListingPro Theme or Plugins, please go to the link below to report a bug. Please do not submit feature requests or improvements via this form.

Report a Bug

Submit a Refund

We want to work with you to understand your reason behind the refund. Please kindly read the refund policy carefully before you proceed.

Read the refund policy

Hosting Service

We recommend the following hosting provider for ListingProWP.

Click the image above or Click Here