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Best WordPress Deals for CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR 2023

ListingProWP recognizes the significance of commemorating special events. Therefore, we are delighted to present our customers with exceptional Christmas and New Year offers


LoginPress is a WordPress plugin that is a Login page customizer tool developed by WPBrigade to create a Custom Login Page for your WordPress according
to your requirements. Not limited to just rebranding your login page, LoginPress secures your customized login pages as well. It helps to modify the look and feel of your login page without writing codes or hiring developers. 

LoginPress Deal
Deal: 30% OFF All Plans
Validity:  15th December to 2nd January 2023


Analytify is a Google Analytics WordPress plugin you need on your site to study its behavior. Analytify transforms your traditional boring and complex Google Analytics numbers into an easy to read analytics right in your Analytify dashboard! So this way, you can see and understand your audience. Furthermore, if you are running an eCommerce website, you’ll be able to see detailed information about where your sales are coming from
and which marketing campaigns are performing well.

Analytify Deal
Deal: 30% OFF All Plans
Validity: 15th December to 2nd January 2023

Simple Social Buttons.

Simple Social Button lets you add your own style to social media integration by creating customizable social media buttons, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, to vibe with your site. Since it is a WordPress Social Plugin, it helps you take your Website/Blog to the next level by bringing ease for your readers to share on any social media platform.

Simple Social Buttons Deal
Deal: 30% OFF All Plans
Validity:  15th December to 2nd January 2023


CubeWP is an all-in-one WordPress framework for development dynamic content websites. It allows you to create a wide range of projects, from simple websites to advanced web apps.

CubeWP Deal
Deal: 75% OFF All Plans
Coupon Code: No Coupon Required
Validity:  15th January 2023

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