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10 reasons you can’t ignore this WordPress Directory solution

Are you a Business or Entrepreneur looking for a SOLID online business directory solution?

Are you a Business or Entrepreneur looking for a SOLID Solution?

Let’s get it straightforward!

The advantages of the internet nowadays are leading businesses to take the next step in their projects, running Social Media campaigns, increasing their branding through an international globe that from some years ago it would be almost a hard task to do.

Not only by running campaigns but now most of these businesses and its niches are getting so easy to perform over the internet, and there are so many agencies and professional developers that has pretty much everything out of the box that fits exactly features aimed to solve your business’ needs.

With that being said, ListingPro for sure can be considered one of these Solutions. And if you’re thinking that WordPress can’t solve one of them, the answer is… You’re WRONG!

WordPress is a built-in Solution itself, not only a complete and scalable CMS but also a strong platform to build a SaaS Business. Most of us already know the power of WordPress, the main problem is which product found on Envato or at any other Marketplace that will reach your expectations.

Let’s dive in and explain in details 10 of the main reasons why ListingPro is the right Solution for your Business and why you should invest in Cridio Studio Team.

1 – It’s a Business-Oriented Solution

ListingPro isn’t a theme compared to the others out there. It’s a complete solution for businesses that want to include their entire process, strategy, sales, and its customers entirely and exclusively online. We know it’s hard to build from scratch and expensive at some point as well. But with ListingPro, since the beginning, it was built as a All-in-One Directory Solution, You get everything out-of-the-box!

2 – Don’t need to worry about how many listings to import 

There’s a misconception about WordPress as a SaaS Platform. You can import as many data as you want, it won’t affect the efficiency of your Business nor some data loss. With ListingPro, we have successful customers that have imported more than 1 million data, and some of them imported everything in less than 10 days. So, if you’re worried about bringing your off-line data, or from another online platform, you can do it effortlessly and safely using ListingPro.

3 – You can run your online business on your own

Another great advantage of using ListingPro is that you can run your business on your own. It’s so simple and easy to set up, that there’s no need at the beginning to invest in a developer’s team for your business. Most of the hosting plans provide a One-Click install for WordPress, moreover, everything that you’ll be going to need is easily installed and you’ll be ready to go.

4 – Flexible and customized for your needs

That’s right! ListingPro is the most extensive and flexible Solution to bring or start your business with. You have opt-ins to enable/disable features you want and which will most fit into your Business Strategy. This for today’s businesses is extremely important, and ListingPro gives you the capability to differ from your competitors. Not only about strategies for pricing plans but also, for services you want to enable/disable for your customers. You’ll have the flexibility to attract, guide, and serve your customers the way you want to.

5 – UI + UX + Mobile Responsive = Different Layouts

We’re used to knowing that most Web Services comes with a standard design, following the same pattern and structure as well. ListingPro offers the possibility to change not only the Homepage but also, increase the flexibility to change others layouts for businesses, users etc. It’s easy to create and establish your own branding design. The only key factor here is the drag and drop feature to align and give the proper relevance towards your goals.

6 – Excellent Support Team & Documentation

Do you still pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to have a reliable support team in case of any issues with your platform? Expensive support doesn’t necessarily mean quality and efficiency and with ListingPro, our customer’s experience after one of our post-sale measurement reaches the scale of more than 98% satisfaction.

7 – No third-party plug-ins needed

Amazing isn’t it? With ListingPro you don’t need to waste significant amount money annually just to get what you need for your business. Our services are to grant freedom to our customers. We understand the pain and frustration of many users that are trying to build their first online business and those experienced businesses that are trying to bring their entire services into the online world. Where in this world of SaaS, you’d find a Solution entirely built-in that serves your needs and give you the flexibility and investment freedom to pay for a service that fits your income?

Here, we’re talking about the worldwide customers, and by this mean it’s hard to serve a platform with a fair price for those that can’t afford the dollar, euro, libra currencies. That’s why with ListingPro you don’t need to pay any extra fee to start using the Solution. Everything was planned and developed from the ground up to be unique, flexible and reliable, to be used within your business without an external headache.

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