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EventPro – Events Marketplace Add-on

Developed For ListingProWP

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About the Plugin

EventProWP for ListingProWP is an end-to-end solution for WordPress to create an events marketplace where people can create their own groups, list events, manage attendees, buy and sell tickets without any coding skills.

It’s great for allowing users to organize free or paid workshops, conferences, or classes. It offers advanced features like digital wallet integration to allow users to track their earnings for selling tickets.

To learn more about EventProWP, read this post. 

Plugin features

Event Calendar

Display Full Events Calendar view or list view with Map for visitors to filter and sign up for an upcoming event.

Ticket Sales

Create a platform with an engaging experience where users can sell tickets for Live (in-person) or Online events.

Earn Commission

You can set any commission rate (fixed or percentage) and earn commission on every ticket sold for an online or a live event.

Recurring Events

Event organizers can now easily host repeated events whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

Event Countdown

Set the starting and ending date and time for the event and a ticking counter will be added to create a sense of urgency.

Event Groups

Organizers can build virtual communities for people with similar interests and notify them about upcoming events.

Localized Home Page

Showcase and promote events based on the user’s geolocation to make it a personalized experience for each visitor.

Event Filter & Sort

Easily narrow down events by online or live events, upcoming events, active events, etc, or by date, week, month, or year.

Online Events

Organize Virtual (Online) or Live (in-person) events, meetups, conferences, workshops.


Display Attendees

Display all the attendees that are going to the event to encourage others to join too.

Broadcast to Attendees

Last-minute changes for the event such as venue location or timing can be broadcast to all attendees with just a few clicks.

Attendee-only Content

Show restricted info like online event links (ex. zoom) only to the attendees of the event.

Collect RSVPs

RSVP to any event with a single click and the user will be added to the event attendees in the dashboard.

Ticket insights

Get access to all ticket invoices, ticket sales, available balance, earnings, and total withdrawals.

Ticket Verification

All event tickets include a QR Code to scan with a smartphone or simply enter the order number on the verification page.


Please refer to our Setup Guide.

How to get technical support?

Go to our helpdesk and open a support ticket here.

What’s the difference between an Annual License vs Life-Time License?

The annual license gives you Free Updates and technical support for 1-Year. Then you can continue to use the add-on but cannot download new updates and also technical support will discontinue. To renew you only pay 50% of the regular price. Whereas with the Life-Time license you get Life-Time updates and technical support with a one-time purchase.

Can I earn commission per ticket sale?

Yes, you can set a commission rate (fixed or percentage) to share the revenue with the seller.

Can users create recurring events?

Yes, users can create daily, weekly, monthly or annually recurring events.

Who receives the payment for the ticket sales?

The admin receives all payments and can send it to the service provider at the end of the month or when ever the provider sends a withdrawal request from their digital wallet.

Does this Events plugin work with any WordPress theme?

EventProWP add-on is compatible only with ListingPro WordPress Theme.

Do I need to purchase ListingPro WordPress Theme License separately?

If you only want to create an online events marketplace with EventProWP then you do not need to purchase ListingPro WordPress Theme License. But if you want to create a business directory + events marketplace then you will also need to purchase the ListingPro WordPress Theme license separately.

What happens to the Events already created using the default Events feature in  ListingPro?

Events created prior to installing EventProWP will continue to work separately as before. These events are linked to listings post-type and cannot be migrated. All newly created events post EventProWP installation will be linked to a  new post-type called the Event Groups. Only these new events under Event Groups are searchable on the events marketplace.

Can I use Elementor Page Builder with EventProWP?

Yes, you can use Elementor. It includes several new elements for events.

How does the payout system work with the digital wallet?

Once the ticket is sold using the built-in eCommerce system, the sellers can track their earnings from the digital wallet within their dashboard. Sellers can set their payout option and request to withdraw full or partial amount funds anytime. The admin can then process the payment and update the status to notify the seller.

Can event ticket sellers verify tickets to check-in attendees?

EventPro makes it super simple to create a page with a Ticket Verification form where the event organizers can verify and check-in the attendee by entering the order number on the ticket. No app download is required for the attendee or the organizers.

Does it include an Android or iOS Mobile App

Currently, there is no native Andriod or iOS mobile app available for EventProWP.


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