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November 16, 2017

Why we will never integrate WooCommerce with ListingPro?

WooCommerce is for Shopping Carts

First, let’s clarify some points to not misunderstand the real intention of this topic. WooCommerce is primarily a shopping cart plugin. It’s still the most used open sourced eCommerce plug-in to build eCommerce website to sell physical or digital goods.

Yes, you may argue that you have to have freedom and flexibility while customizing your project. But the full integration of ListingPro with WooCommerce will cause more problems in long run then it will solve. 

Not just another WordPress Theme

ListingPro is an End-to-End Directory Solution for WordPress users and it was built with a vision that walks a far different path from today’s market in WordPress Segment. One of the BIG reason why ListingPro was an instant hit with 3000+ units sold worldwide, just because of our simple core value proposition.

No Paid Plugins Needed. Everything Inside

We know that WooCommerce is an awesome tool either for small and big projects. But that doesn’t mean that it’s always the best choice to integrate it with everything plus have you ever counted how many dollars have you spend in the last few years?

We create our solutions for the global audience, and a big chunk of our target-audience come from countries where the main currency isn’t the dollar or euros. For this reason, it’s hurtful when you search for a perfect solution but right after you discover that you’d need to spend more than $500 dollars to actually activate the entire features shown in the demo.

We’re here to develop real business solutions, working with a well-known platform. But to give a complete solution, we have to add our essence, our value and mission and most of the plug-ins don’t fit with our goal.

A big hole in your pocket

Furthermore, do you guys remember the renewal discount of 50% that used to have? Unfortunately, the renewal of the extensions purchased for WooCommerce is now being deducted with its full-price. You can read more about this here.

So, what was our thought about this decision? We started by creating our pricing plan as a built-in feature that handles the checkout payment gateways needed to perform subscriptions. Also, we’ve created an advertisement campaign system within the directory to increase listings views during the search results.

Integrating with WooCommerce means multiple checkout processes to manage and multiple payment gateways (one with built-in system another with WooCommerce). It would be a total mess for the directory admin.

Many others popular themes on Themeforest use WooCommerce and see what it takes to build a directory. With most of those themes customers would have to pay $69 – $89 for the theme and then spend on plugins for which the annual fee could reach $1000 to $1500 annually.

Here are the examples of commonly used paid WooCommerce plugins needed for most popular directories themes.


This WooCommerce Plugin is used to create an auto-recurring paid-plan option in a directory which is available in ListingPro out-of-the-box which saves you $200 right off the bat.

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions ($199.00) – Billed Annually Per Site
  • WooCommerce Booking ($249.00) – Billed Annually Per Site
  • WooCommerce Social Login ($79.00)
  • Product Vendors ($79)

We Built ListingPro from ground-up to address your most under-served needs, and maximize your Return on Investment.
Sam Rizzi, Product Manager of ListingPro

That’s why we built from the ground up everything that our customers needed to perform their Directory with efficiency, scalability, and easy to configure to fulfill their needs. Also, we have more freedom to increment and give more flexibility to our customers without any extra fee or unexpected surprises that would increase the price and be leaving a huge percent of users that can’t afford it to buy our Solution for their business just because of an unexpected third-party extension that would cost more than the current price offered.

Support Nightmare

Between WooCommerce and WP Job Manager, you will end up with 10-20 plugins built with different vendors and when you want to get support everyone will try to point fingers.

Pain-Killer not Vitamines

We build pain-killers for our customers to drive them to be successful with our Solutions. We strive to be the Tesla of Directory Solution or even Apple, so please don’t expect us to say YES to everything.

People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying “no” to 1,000 things.

– Steve Jobs

In Conclusion, there is still a Good News

For those who want to use ListingPro and for whatever reason can’t go without integrating with WooCommerce then you can request for customization service by filling out the following form as some of our customers have done in the past successfully.

Lastly, we are always working on enhancing the capability of ListingPro so no major 3rd party plugin is used and hopefully in the near future we are able to close such gaps.

After reading the explanation above if you still have an opinion or suggestion, please leave it in the comment below.


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That’s why I chose you 🙂

Angie Ninow
Angie Ninow

Hi, I want to purchase this theme to use for a business listing site in South Africa. So I want to use the iPay and Payfast payment gateways. Would a customization request make this possible? Is there an additional cost? Thx


The only problem I have with the ListingPro theme is that; it does not support any of Nigeria’s payment gateway. My website is still onnhold and pending to be launched. We need PayStack or VoguePay. Please…

Luca Mura
Luca Mura

Hi Cridio,

respect for your decision.

Are you considering a custom solution for Deals/Coupons? If yes, any ETA?

Thank you

Neil Batchelor
Neil Batchelor

Totally agree. Just please ensure you have vendor booking subscription and commission capabilities as previously described to ensure customers can sell products and time services in listing pro. This is a big whole right now for me preventing any live site. Thanks.

Great article and you guys are absolutely right that a WooCommerce solution can turn out to be way too expensive. This is exactly what makes you guys stand out from the other listing site solutions. What I, and I guess many potential Dutch/Belgian customers with me, are missing is an integration with Mollie.com payments. This is a payment provider that requires no monthly costs, so it is the best solution out here for small startup projects. Most people here still pay with iDeal and MisterCash. Is this a feature that’s scheduled for the near future? That would make it a… Read more »
Site Admin
Site Admin

Thanks for your support. We are considering a payment gateway for European market for future, so hopefully we will find the best solution that can be used by majority of users.