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ListingPro 1.2 The most exciting features that will blow your mind!

NOTE: Please also checkout the the following article – What’s New in ListingPro 2.0? 

ListingPro is famous for regular updates. But 1.2 Release is a game changer, there have been many great new pain-killer features added, along with many enhancements and bug fixes across the board. For some of these new features, we only have to thank our customers to have used the Feature Bucket page and deliver incredible feedbacks for new upcoming ideas for ListingPro.

Most of them are a water divider, and we’ve selected some of the best updates ever released for ListingPro and what it represents to our customers and for the directory purpose in general.

Make your Listing Detail page unique with a builtin Drag & Drop Tool

Now ListingPro has its own drag and drop system that turns even faster the management and flexibility to reorder by your preference the Listing Details Page on your directory. Now you decide where you want certain results to be shown or disable them by your preference without complexities.

drag & drop option for Listing Details
See the below image for more details on how it appears in the frontend on Listing Details page.


Result of the drag & drop at the Listing Details
This is a typical Listing Details Page. LEFT is the main Content Layout area and RIGHT is Sidebar Layout area.

Multi-Operational Hours for 2 different shifts (Example Morning & Evening)

One of the most awaited featured as arrived in LisitngPro. Now you can even enable this option to give to your end-users the possibility to insert multiple hours during their working season. For some businesses, they have split hours during the week/weekend that would be necessary for visitors to know their scales before getting in contact or get directions to visit the local. Also, with Multi-Operational hour, we’re also including the importance of lunchtime periods, seasonal weeks, events and others that may interfere directly with the business hours. As far as we know ListingPro is the only directory product currently available on the market that has Multi-Operational Hours. In addition, there are tones of enhancements to the time management system that addresses nearly 10 different scenarios, which will be covered as part of a separate article.

Multi-Operational Hours editable while submit listing
Once you enable this feature in the backend, your users will have an option to add 2nd Slot for Multi-Operational hours frontend.


Result of the Multi-Operational hours on front-page
Above you can see, Monday shows 2 slots for Multi-Operational hours and rest of the days it’s only 1 slot timing.


NearMe narrow’s search with nearest first, plus radius selector!

Now even though having the geo-location available as default, end-users can also filter by NearMe which shows listings nearest to you first. It also let you choose the exact distance with radius slider.

Near Me Results on Search Page


Suggested Nearby Listings

Nearby listings will appear on the listings details page. You have the option to select the distance of nearby listings in relation to the current listing being viewed. You can also choose to only display the listing from the same category or leave it to display random listings. The coolest part is the distance will also be indicated.

Suggested Near by Listings on Sidebar

Configurations to apply the Near me on ListingPro


Call on Whatsapp! How Coool!

Even better to get in contact with businesses through their WhatsApp number. Now users can send messages directly and get a faster response and solve their doubts about their services, products or even before close a booking. This option brings more engagement between users and businesses without any agents in the middle that may cause delay or misunderstandings.

Direct Message to Whatsapp on Listing Detail Page

Whatsapp Redirect page to send the message


How about Multi-Location & Multi-Category

Now multiple businesses within a city or region can also be included with multiple locations. Also, some businesses offer multiple services and products that can be easily differed by its categories. For example, a bar can also have events with acoustic music or even DJs, and to include them into multiple categories, it got easier to register and submit the listing to the directory.

Multi-Location & Multi-Category editable while submit listing


Last but not the least, Introducing…

Mobile X – Next-Gen Mobile Friendly User Experience

For us, Mobile User Experience (UX) wasn’t just another checkbox. With the release of version 1.2 you will notice a huge improvement on mobile and this is the first step towards the mobile app like experience.


Mobile X layout demonstration customized homepage
Home Layout on Mobile X


Mobile X layout demonstration Near Me Results
Advanced Filter on Mobile X


Mobile X layout demonstration Map Results
Map View on Mobile X


Mobile X layout demonstration Listing Detail Result
Business Listings Details on Mobile X

There are many amazing updates to cover, but this topic I wanted to mention only those that have increased even more flexibility and available options for users and admins to build an extraordinary directory with built-in functions.

There are more to come in upcoming versions. Stay tuned!

For details logs of the updates please go here.

Please leave your thoughts, comments, concerns, critique below. We are happy to hear from you.

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  • Awesome theme, thank you for your effort.
    And i have a question, Is it possible to show a list of child categories when searching on parent category and then when click on each child category we can get the listing for that child category?? Like 2 level of searching?

  • Hi Cridio, verry amzing theme!!! Verry good Job!!!
    Just a question? I have some venues that organize events and others that sell products. Is it possible to add events or a shop? If it requires additional development, how do you work?

  • Hello. I would like to purchase this theme but have few questions.
    1. building this for local community and would like to have car booking.
    a. people offer ride
    b. people looking for a ride
    2. can listing business profiles can be shared on Facebook ?
    3. classified listing option ?

    Thank You

  • Hi, I got a little question. Is there any updates regard events? I’d like to add events to certain bars like MyListing. But MyListing doesn’t have the great features as listingpro and thats why im still waiting for the 1.3 version. Thanks!

  • Nearby listings do not appear on the listings details page. And Mobile App View doesn’t come as default demo imported. Please help. My website doesn’t yet though, I just used localhost to install WordPress.

  • Can you tell me if the installation process installs/configures a completely functional site? I purchased a different product and found out I was responsible for installing and configuring several other components and trying to get them all working together. Is your demo the way the application functions on a base install or do we have to configure all the options that customers are able to enter when they create a listing? Can I get an account to review the Admin side? I tried to create an account but I never received an email with the password. I also tried the “Forgot my Password” link and it said it emails me but I never receive it at my account. Is there builtin tracking so we can enter our Google Analytics code?

  • Hello, I am a proud owner of the listingpro WordPress theme. I have a question about wpbakery plugin that is included with listingpro. Apparently this wpbakery plugin doesn’t update for free, so I thought I did not have to pay for additional plugins? Please advise. I tried to contact wpbakery to notify support that my wpbakery plugin will not update and it came with a theme, but wpbakery hasn’t replied to my support ticket. It’s been about two months now. I finally bought the wpbakery plugin and the plugin still will not update (I have the activation key, but the key is useless), and I still can’t get a reply from wpbakery. I truly thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Abhishek
      Honestly, it will depend on your server performance rather than ListingPro or WordPress itself.
      You can handle 1M+ listings and it will reflect most on your hosting plan.

  • Whatsapp should be separated with phone number, because the two are different number to use. We can hack your theme to make that happen but it will lose when theme update comes.

    It was an easy task for your team to separate whatsapp number with phone number.

  • Hello i have certain requirements , Can me help if your theme has the following:

    Required Necessary Points:
    1. User have the option to login and add their required business in the particular given category.
    2. User have the option to select free or featured plan. If user selects Featured than payment option should be there.
    3. The Featured services should have to be come at the top of the list.
    4. The map should have real time location.
    5. Every custom field type has its own field & when the user selects a particualar type of business for adding a business than the custom field s must be displayed accordingly.
    6. I need to add a rating option there.
    7 I need social share like whats app,fb,& also share location option.
    8. Search should be in proper working condition.
    9. Do you provide a better support If i found any problem in getting your theme fnctionality.

    Thank You

    • Hello Enovate
      1 – yes (built-in dashboard in front-page)
      2 – yes (paypal, stripe, 2checkout, wire transfer)
      3 – yes (drag-drop and align features at the top)
      4 – yes geolocation IP and IP API
      5 – yes (you can create features & additional details for each category type)
      6 – yes (built-in rating included)
      7 – yes (call on whatsapp and social sharing included)
      8 – yes (it works like a charm 😉 )
      9 – yes (we’re top excellence professionals to give you support 🙂 we love our work!)

      See you soon!

      • Nicely built theme, easily configurable even non tech guys like me.
        I am using for India, what are the payment gate way options in India, default gateways are not popular here. Does following gate ways like payU money, Paytm, Instamojo, razorpay, and so on work with listing pro?

  • nice over view.

    The ads that merchants pay for should be somehow associated with the category that people are looking at.

    example: I am browsing for a hair dresser, at the bottom there are ads for accountants and mechanics. ????

    Should not work that way.

    • Hi Juan 🙂
      You can edit it to show ads only by category,
      instead of the entire listings available.
      You’ll find this option in Listing Settings.
      Then, next time when a user search for a category,
      the ads will be only related exclusively to this sector.

  • Hello team,

    I have some requirements . I need a website in which i show local listing of business in that area. I also need a option to make any business in the listing as featured so that i can put that options on the top of the list(The Featured Business).

    Is your theme provides such kind of functionality..


    • Hi Enovate
      Yes, ListingPro has all these features and a lot more 🙂
      have you seen our demo page?
      you can check it here
      See you soon! 😉

  • Hi Team,

    Your theme amazing.

    Mobile App View ( List View + Grid View + Map View ) really very nice and easy to use.

    From Beginning you are give the best theme options and support.

    Thank you.

    I am so happy part of listing pro customer.

    • Thank you so much Paiya Saravanan
      Definitely, the App View is amazing.
      I’m glad that you liked it.
      We’re constantly improving our solution
      and I have to admit, our support team is the best

  • Hi Cridio and the team.

    Thank you for an awesome update. We are in the build process already and can see the quality and thought that has gone into making this a solution that works (not just one that sells). Thank you

    • Hi Derek,
      Welcome to ListingPro
      keep it up with your process!
      Thanks for your compliments, and remember…
      we’re always here to help you out.

      • Are Promoted listings shown at the top of results page as well as in other designated sections.Could you please give information in clear detail

By Peter N.