MedicalPro Directory add-on is not your typical Medical Directory Theme. It’s an End-to-End Medical Directory Solution (Product-Market Fit) built for ListingProWP.

It includes a complete new design for the directory along with dozens of new features exclusively developed for MedicalPro including advanced appointment booking system with a built-in digital Wallet. Now the directory admin earn commission on each appointment booking and beyond.


1.1 NEW hero header with doctor’s profile pics

The new hero-header has a unique feature that dynamically inserts small profile pics of the recently added doctors keeping the home banner fresh along with the count of total number of doctor available in the directory.

1.2 New page builder elements

Showcase Doctor Listings
Showcase Taxonomy List
Showcase multiple Testimonials

2. NEW listing results (archive) page

From side filter to the pins on the map, every single element on the archive page has been carefully designed to give the best user-experience.


For MedicalPro we have purposely designed only List View style and have removed Grid View completely as List View is the industry standard.

  1. Once a listing is claimed by a doctor it will get a Certified Doctor badge.
  2. Doctors can indicate if they are Taking New Patients or accept Video consultations.
  3. The Book Appointment button also indicates if there is a same-day appointment available.


We have completely redesigned how the promoted listings are displayed on the archive page in MedicalPro to make it more suitable for the healthcare industry so it can appear to be less commercial.


Before the only difference between the promoted listings and the regular listing was the promoted listing will get a yellow ADS badge before the title as shown below.


With MedicalPro there are THREE things that separate promoted listings with organic listings.

  1. “The most important difference is that the promoted listings will not get an individual ADS badge like before instead there is a SPONSORED title before the promoted listings are shown.
  2. There is a yellow highlight on the left side of the promoted listings.
  3. The Book Appointment button is solid color for promoted listings.


  1. Along with profile picture there is option to add more images as a gallery.
  2. Reviews are called Experiences and there will be more enhancements are planned for the MedicalPro reviews and rating feature.
  3. The listing navigation is a sticky menu.
  4. Each listing can have multiple hospitals or clinics associated and the user can set a primary location as well and the information will be used on the search result (archive page) to display the contact info in the pop-up bubble.
  5. Built-in Advanced Appointment booking built-for MedicalPro exclusively.
List Multiple Locations
  1. Multiple hospital or clinic can be displayed with their respective logo, contact info.
  2. Display timings, and appointment booking call-to-action for individual places.
  3. Set a price for paid Video consultation.

The listings Features option has been improved to display cleaner looking at a glance for each listing.

Health insurances

Show all the accepted health insurances with logos. If there are more than 4 it will only show 3 and then users can click on View All Insurances to show more.

Awards & recognitions

Doctor’s can show all the awards and recognitions on their listings.


Doctor’s can show all the languages they can communicate in with their patients.


Patients can share their experience based on multi-criteria.

Note: We are in the process of exploring better ways to accept ratings from patients so we do plan to do major enhancement in the near future.

4. DOCTOR appointment booking

  1. Booking Appointment progress bar.
  2. Select between In-person appointment or Video Consultation
  3. Select a Hospital or Clinic from drop-down.
  4. Select a health insurance from drop-down.
  5. Select Date and time.
  6. Timezone the appointment will be booked.
  7. Switch to calendar view to select a date.

Calendar view
paid Video consultation price shown with tax
Verify appointment details and fill in the contact info
checkout to pay for the video appointment

When you enable this feature theme options you only allow certified doctors to accept appointment bookings and on the doctor’s listings that doesn’t certify the appointment booking form is replaced with Lead Form.

Site admin can decide if certification (claim) process to be free or paid.


During doctor’s profile submission the available hospitals or clinics can be selected. If what the user is looking for is not available they can suggest a new place and the admin will review as part of the process and approve along with any additional details that need to be added like a logo, etc.

linking with Video consultation tool like zoom

We give a simple integration for doctors to include their video consultation tool URL during listing submission. This URL will be sent to the patient once the appointment is approved.


Doctor’s Dashboard View for Wallet

This dashboard view is for the doctors who are the listing owners and they can track all their paid appointment bookings and their earnings as well as filter and sort as needed.

Select the payment withdrawal method and provide the necessary detail to process the payment.

Once the appointment listing owner is ready to withdraw their earning they can easily request the full or partial amount.


Each hospital listing can display not just contact details but also all the available doctors and can be filtered based on their specialty.

Thanks for your interest in learning about MedicalPro. We will be updating this post regularly with more relevant information.


For MedicalPro Live Demo go here.

To learn more by getting answers to FAQs or to purchase a MedicalPro license go here.

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Peter N.


  • Hi Listings Pro team.
    I’ve been studied all the available information in this website as well as Youtube
    I’m particularly interested in this theme Medical Pro.

    I have some questions that I’d like to address here:
    How many users can be signed up? Doctors and Patients?
    Are any other relevant plugins that should be installed on wordpress and recommended ? (Security, backups, etc)
    Is it required to buy and install Elementor to work with Medical Pro theme?
    Is it required to buy and install Listings Pro to work with Medical Pro theme?
    Is it possible to integrate any email marketing?
    Is there any discount coupon available today? 🙂

    Thanks for your support

  • Hello there
    We would appreciate if you quickly start the following topics for MedicalPro application,
    1-New Feature roadmap, ETA
    2-Change Log version
    3-MedicalPro Installation and User Manual
    4-How can we customize the sidebar and add new widgets to the sidebar

  • Hello,There,

    I can not download and use the coupons, it gives the message that it has expired. ( MP100DOLLARS )

    If you provide a coupon with a discount, I want to buy it.
    Best Regards

    • Hi Etem thanks for your interest in MedicalPro. The coupon was actually expired on April 30th but the good news is that we have now extended it to May 31st. Go a head grab it before it expires.

  • What about private medical ofices? Listingpro had the field location at the submit form and also adress pin at the archive view and at the listing single page. Not all doctors work at hospitals!!! Doctors should be able to add their adress on their own ! Please fix it

      • This is great! Thanks! Is there a demo username and password you can provide us to checkout the dashboard?

        1- I would like to see if it is already possible to adjust the appointment hours to only show visitors a specific time slot of the day and not the entire business hours, as some of the hours might already be taken or not even offered for appointments because owners might also have other offsite booking systems in place that they cannot combine with ListingPro features.
        2 – Also, is it already possible for the listing owner to export/import the appointments list/calendar?

        3 – Regarding the submission form: Could you also allow other parts of the form to receive user suggestions? Example: * For Insurances * For Awards

        These can vary tremendously and user input is the best way to get the correct ones.

        4 – What about the second time slot you have available on ListingPRO Theme?

        5 – Can we add different tax % for the different locations we have on the listings? The % varies for many places …

        6 – Can we integrate features of MedicalPRO to the previous listing types offered with ListingPRO? For example, I would like to activate the bookings with fees for all types of listings and the wallet, is that possible?

        7 – Does the site admin need to change/update their ListingPro Theme license to be able to charge a fee to the doctors, for processing their virtual appointment bookings fee? or the price of MedicalPro already provides us with the correct license to do that?

        Sorry for so many questions. This add-on has a lot of potential and I would like to know more. Thank you in advance!

By Peter N.