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What’s New in ListingPro 2.0?

To learn more about the next major release v2.5 please refer to the following article.

Almost 15 months a go, ListingPro WordPress Directory Theme was launched and it really changed the dynamics of what was possible in a directory and listing theme or plugin. Instantly becoming the best seller and the industry leader for WordPress Directory and setting a new standard for not just a directory theme but also for WordPress it self.

We want to thank you to all our 6,500+ champions who have trusted us and invested in the success of ListingPro and we know you have been waiting for something bigger and better.  For several months ListingPro team has been working tirelessly on the biggest release since the launch, the ListingPro 2.0. So as this release is just around the corner we are very exited and hopeful that the extra wait is going to be worth it for you.

While we wrap up things on our end, we will be sharing details about new features planned for 2.0 in this blog post. For each feature we will provide screenshot and description below. We will also include a quick video for you to watch and enjoy the feature ahead of the release.

Don’t worry if you don’t see a lot below. This is a live blog post that means we will be updating it regularly to reveal new features, description, screenshot and video one by one.

Disclaimer: Features listed below are already on the roadmap for 2.0. But if there is any major technical issue we may decide to move it to the following release (example: 2.0.1 or even 2.1)



[Built-in] Fill-O-Bot

Auto-Pilot Front-End Submission (FES) to make your business owner’s life easier.


Free Add-on Available on our store.


[Built-in] Announcements


[Built-in] Menu Management System (MMS)

Powerful Menu Management System (MMS) is included in ListingPro 2.0 which allows business owners to create their own menu with different Types (Ex. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) and Groups (Ex. Appetizer, Main Course, Desserts).


[Built-in] Coupons & Deals

Listing owners can drive more business by offering unlimited deals & coupons to their visitors, while also setting a count-down timer. Showcase in various style and positions to best fit your need.


[Built-in] Paid Claim


[Built-in] Inbox

Business owners can now receive and reply messages directly within the user-dashboard when a lead is generated via a lead form.


[Built-in] Coupons & Deals

Listing owners can drive more business by offering unlimited deals & coupons to their visitors, while also setting a count-down timer. Showcase in various style and positions to best fit your need.


[Built-in] Events


[Built-in] User Dashboard 2.0

A state-of-the-art User Interface for the dashboard. Carefully designed to do business with most useful insights from a single pane of glass.


Free Add-on Available on our store.

Schema add


Email Blaster Pro

Free Add-on Available on our store.

Coming Soon…


[Built-in] Lead Forms

NOTE: You will be able to rearrange almost any element on the directory page such as archive, listing details, etc. Also includes a drag-&-drop form builder. This layout customizer is not meant to allow you to edit text, color, etc. Nor this is a replacement to page builder like WPBakery for non-directory related pages.

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Peter N.


  • I hope IDEAL PAYMENT GATEWAY, gonna be added for the netherlands. Waiting for it, can’t start my business without it.

  • Coupons and Deals is exactly what I’m looking for…fantastic! Can’t wait…is the release still scheduled for Aug. 7? I just discovered this theme today and plan to buy it after the release. Will there be a price change?

  • Hi, this is indeed great news for all listinpro customers and fans. I strongly commend the teams effort with the 2.0 update.

    These are what I implore the team to include.

    1. A unique listing Price that will be shown on all listing displayed listing format (Widgets & vc short-codes) etc. Price symbol should be select-able by authors from an Admin allowable list and must be same that controls the price plan.
    Depending on the Geo-location and (if possible with currency automatic converter). Price display output should have the thousand separator. (E.g different currencies for different countries in Africa).
    2. The detail listing sidebar should have the listing author profile card (with last seen, online status, Half hidden number – expand on click details)
    3. more adsense display options for different pages should be included.
    4. Inclusion of other African recognized or acceptable payment gateways, like paystack, Vogue Pay and Interswitch (The giants so far)
    I will be very excited if all these are include in 2.0.
    All the best of luck.

  • Excited to see what enhancement #1 is. Events is HUGE! Coupons is HUGE! Menus is HUGE! Email Blast is HUGE!

    One thing I would like to see is the ability to create plans that are not available to the public but can be assigned by and administrator. For example, I would like to have a plan that has everything, that never expires and is free. This way I can give this plan to a business but they can manage their own listing. What I am having to do right now is create the plan on the back end and keep it assigned to me. This prevents the business from managing it and paying to promote it.

  • Need integration of an Indian Payment Gateway, please have a look at our partner Instamojo at for out directory frantiger.
    Adding a gateway for us will be an added advantage, as now I can see you have several installs for an Indian audience.

  • Let’s go for crypto currency paymentsn (for example Bitcoin or any other) that will help move technology forward.
    You will make more sales of Listingpro 2.0

  • I seriously hope that User Dashboard 2.0 will have separate dashboards and functions for users and vendors. This is a MUST-HAVE feature. Having that feature will make the theme the most powerful and complete theme on Themeforest.

    For example,
    User functions: account settings, favourites list, message inbox

    Vendor functions: account settings, ad settings, message inbox, membership pricing/invoice

    I have my fingers crossed for this most-anticipated release.

    • Hi John,

      It’s already the case : the dashboard is not the same between users and listings owners. Some features are missing depending on whether the user has a listing or not.

      Try it ;).

  • So rumor has it the release will be August 7th? Will the upgrade on existing directory be easy or will it break anything?

  • Will there be an enhanced appointment booking system w/calendar based appointment management? The current appointment methods are not useful due to costs.

  • Hi..i have already purchased listingpro theme two months back. Will it automatically get upgraded or i will have purchase this 2.0 version separately.

  • Hello guys I think this is the most powerful theme directory, areal high recommend to all the developer to put eyes on Cryptocurrencies integrations for business owners to display there BTC address or acceptance of any Cryptos. this options would make this theme more and more powerful. for now we don’t have this integration. PLS PLS. don’t make this technology pass. Time is now

    • I agree, become future Theme and no 1 Theme integrating BTC payments before other Themes will do. Make easy payments for people around the world.

  • wowowee~ freakin awesome features! looking forward to listingpro 2.0! \(^^)/

    i was wondering will there be updates on widget for sidebar on listing page, like nearby listing for the same category/tag?

  • Hey,

    This looks great, do you think we can have this release in the first week of August? or will it be longer than that?

  • Great upgrades …

    There is a problem persists in the wordpress PT-br language. Because whenever wordpress updates, I have to modify the standard wordpress translation PT-br, changing the name of the days of the week.

    This problem happens because for some reason Linting Pro, can not handle name for example “Wednesday” only “Fourth”. When this problem occurs, the location always appears as closed.

    It would be great if this problem were fixed, since in the other templates this problem does not occur, just in lintingPro.

  • Hello,

    looks like there coming some interesting additions to listingpro. I would like to see 2 more.

    1. an event plugin, so the clients can promote their events, option free and paid.

    2. some templates for the clients to choose from. not everyone does like the same design.


    1. Allow other user roles (not only administrator) to access the backend. So we can have a staff managing the directory without the concern of someone pushing the autodestruct button. (Allowing custom roles generated by user would be nice too!)

    2. Allow to change login URL (wp-login) for social buttons to a custom URL directly on theme options .For security reasons many of us don’t use default login urls like wp-login or wp-admin. When we change those url’s the social buttons links for registry and login gets messed up and stopped working (because they are set for wp-login wich caused a 404 error). We had to hardcode popups.php and template-login.php to get it to work with our custom URL.

    3. Allow admin to block how many categories an user can add to his listing so we can convert that into an argument for selling plans. For instance. $ for 3 categories, $$ for 5 categories, and $$$ for 7 categories, and so on.

    4. Allow admin to set how many photos an user can upload for each plan as well as file types, file size and resolution so we can better manage our server and hosting resources.

    Thanks!, These are some observations we have had using the theme. Is by far the best theme we have bought ever! Greetings

  • I appreciate your post and giving us some info about the next release but come back here daily from original post date and you do not add the rest of the features planned for this update. Where is the details and sneak peak of the events features promised in this 2.0 release?

  • Wow! now we are talking…. Built in Automatic Schema. Now I am getting excited. I have been thinking about having to manually add Schema to all of my listings and now 2.0 has the answer with Auto Schema for the site and the listings. This is just another layer of Awesome! Can’t wait to learn more! Thanks ListingPro!

    • In the Schema, there is a blurred section. Could it now be that I am the only one seeing that the blurred part is a Yelp URL? I am just wondering why it should be though #HWL

  • I would love to see an option to hide listing owner contact number from non-registered users. I did a search on your Themeforest page and seen this request come up quite a lot. Someone from your team even mentioned they’ve added it to the features bucket list. Looking forward to these updates. Thanks!

  • Because Listingpro can not be integrated with Woocommerce, you can add product listing?
    Like restaurants can show menu, company could show products, that will be great!!!

  • Hello,
    I have sugestion about new options in Listingpro theme. If you could include “Event calendar” module. I looking for WordPress directory with event calendar, this will be awesome theme.


  • I have sugestion to build in Events Callendar that will be awesome. I just looking for directory theme with Events Callendar.
    I hope that is possible.


  • I hope we are going to see the ability to create discount codes for memberships so we can offer certain clients, or organizations a discount code to get a discount for the memberships we create.

By Peter N.