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What’s New in ListingPro 2.0?

To learn more about the next major release v2.5 please refer to the following article.

Almost 15 months a go, ListingPro WordPress Directory Theme was launched and it really changed the dynamics of what was possible in a directory and listing theme or plugin. Instantly becoming the best seller and the industry leader for WordPress Directory and setting a new standard for not just a directory theme but also for WordPress it self.

We want to thank you to all our 6,500+ champions who have trusted us and invested in the success of ListingPro and we know you have been waiting for something bigger and better.  For several months ListingPro team has been working tirelessly on the biggest release since the launch, the ListingPro 2.0. So as this release is just around the corner we are very exited and hopeful that the extra wait is going to be worth it for you.

While we wrap up things on our end, we will be sharing details about new features planned for 2.0 in this blog post. For each feature we will provide screenshot and description below. We will also include a quick video for you to watch and enjoy the feature ahead of the release.

Don’t worry if you don’t see a lot below. This is a live blog post that means we will be updating it regularly to reveal new features, description, screenshot and video one by one.

Disclaimer: Features listed below are already on the roadmap for 2.0. But if there is any major technical issue we may decide to move it to the following release (example: 2.0.1 or even 2.1)



[Built-in] Fill-O-Bot

Auto-Pilot Front-End Submission (FES) to make your business owner’s life easier.


Free Add-on Available on our store.


[Built-in] Announcements


[Built-in] Menu Management System (MMS)

Powerful Menu Management System (MMS) is included in ListingPro 2.0 which allows business owners to create their own menu with different Types (Ex. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) and Groups (Ex. Appetizer, Main Course, Desserts).


[Built-in] Coupons & Deals

Listing owners can drive more business by offering unlimited deals & coupons to their visitors, while also setting a count-down timer. Showcase in various style and positions to best fit your need.


[Built-in] Paid Claim


[Built-in] Inbox

Business owners can now receive and reply messages directly within the user-dashboard when a lead is generated via a lead form.


[Built-in] Coupons & Deals

Listing owners can drive more business by offering unlimited deals & coupons to their visitors, while also setting a count-down timer. Showcase in various style and positions to best fit your need.


[Built-in] Events


[Built-in] User Dashboard 2.0

A state-of-the-art User Interface for the dashboard. Carefully designed to do business with most useful insights from a single pane of glass.


Free Add-on Available on our store.

Schema add


Email Blaster Pro

Free Add-on Available on our store.

Coming Soon…


[Built-in] Lead Forms

NOTE: You will be able to rearrange almost any element on the directory page such as archive, listing details, etc. Also includes a drag-&-drop form builder. This layout customizer is not meant to allow you to edit text, color, etc. Nor this is a replacement to page builder like WPBakery for non-directory related pages.

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Peter N.


  • Its May 2019. Has the latest version now been updated to incorporate easiest and optimal viewing experience for mobile device users?

  • We are looking for someone with good understanding ‘listingpro’ for a list of community based projects. Please make a comment we can arrange to connect. Regards.

  • Hi,

    Narrowing search using advanced filters like features, amenities, price range, etc. is not available in the demo. I can’t find it in the documentation as well.

    The available features are price category, near me, most viewed, highest rating,and category only.

  • I downloaded the latest listingpro theme but do not see the Drop Pin option next to Search Using Google when adding a listing location. Any ideas why I dont have that option?

  • I am using version 2.011 and I only see search maps by Google, Enter Manual Coordinates but missing the Drop Pin Option. Anyone has a solution

  • Hi fellow colleagues,
    Do you by chance have a video tutorial/instruction for each part of the user dashboard. You do have one on Events, ad campaign but do you have one for each section so I may place it on the website for ease of use of the end user?

  • Hello!
    I would like to find out if the platform is capable of some specific things that I need for my business before I buy it.
    How can I contact you in this regard?

    Thank you all and I wish you a great year!

  • When is the [Built-in] Visual Layout Customizer and [Built-in] Schema going to be available? Please provide an approximate date like month and year please. Have to provide info to our client that currently has license.

  • My friend is using this theme for his local directory business and wants to have 2 search bars. Is this possible?

    For example, the first search bar would be for the parent category and the second bar would be the sub-category.
    E.g. Beauty – Nails
    Business to business – Website design

    • no there is no such option in search as that’s how the old directory systems use to do it. When user search for keywords the system will recommend them related categories and sub categories + they can further narrow to any sub category on the search result page using the advanced filter. Thanks!

  • I have a small list of specific questions regarding your theme that I need answered before purchasing. Can you tell me who I can email them to?

  • Coupons & Deals – Where are they?

    Using Listingpro Version: and Listingpro Child Version: 1.0.0 (was told it was the latest ), but I cannot find the Deals anywhere? Am i missing something??

    • make sure under theme options > user dashboard > Discount/Offers/Deals is ON and this is how it will show on front-end dashboard.

  • Having used this for some time now it is disappointing that I can’t find a way to add a listing ON BEHALF OFF a business. At the moment these listings show as having been done by admin and the emails come to admin. The business does not receive an email nor does the email of the business get added as a user. When I used PHP Mydirectory this was a part of that software that was very well thought out. This is really good software otherwise. I have written to their support via Sam and hopefully I will get a response soon.

  • My site is still under development, though i gotta askb
    1. Is it possible to add another type of payment gateway that is supported in my country because the ones available on the theme are not available to me in my country Nigeria for now
    2. Is it possible to add an option to registered user to upload a table to be displayed probably as the last section of their listings? That table option is very important to my website idea.

  • is all the text on the site easily editable?
    does the restaurant theme integrate into the standard theme as an add on if needed

  • I have a question I have several city domains and one main domain. I want to use this directory with several domains and promote each city individually. How can I do this…First thought would be to load the main site on a domain I want to promote. Then point the other city domains to the main domain. What are your thoughts. Hopefully I explained that right. So I own about 11 city domains let’s say like and and I want to promote them all with one main directory site like how can I do this?

  • why there is no RTL support ??!!
    you are losing a lot of customers just for that.
    Mylesting already have it, my mistake that I purchase listingpro before looking for this important feature, I can’t start my website without it !

  • How do you get support? I do not see a link or option anywhere. I am willing to pay for the few things I want done. But one thing is the cities, a user cannot add a city and I can not easily import all the cities into the DB.

  • When will this be released? As there is no timeline for 2.0.

    Great to see all these updates and improvements. Key will also be the smooth migration from the current version to 2.0.

  • Please allow the Option in the Business working hour:Instead of displaying Open/CLose/Off Day/24 hours open, please add custome fixed text or text with timeline option like :

    from date1 – date 2 : displaying one fixed text “comming soon”
    from date 2- date 3: displaying fixed text all the time “promotional period”
    ….. maintainen ….. temporary closed,… so on,….
    and ofcourse this text doesn’t depend on the time

  • Please we love your work and hope you keep it up. But we would be glad if you could add an Android or IOS apps as soon as possible because 90% of people use mobile apps to access content.
    On my Google analytics when i checked the most visited device, it was Android Phone or mobile. And I also have some feedback from my visitors encouraging me to get a mobile app.
    So we count on you on that project.

    • Yes Lugman, Now less than 20 % of people use laptop or PC. Also i can see froom my analytics that most of them are using mobile phones rather than desktop.

      Request to give atmost importance to feature for mobile like application.

  • Some of my suggestions.

    1. Image gallery slider seems not so smooth on mobile. Gallery can be smooth enough on handle.
    2. While image gets uploading there can be some sort of progress bar instead now all the attachment rely on submit button ( Now images gets uploaded after hitting submit button )
    3. Can have Features involving earning sign-ups. Like credits.
    4. Been here option can be added.
    5. Profile page of users can be made public. One user can view other user profile page. as one user can follow reviews of other.
    6. Inbox for user where voucher can be sent so as to retain the user.
    7. Requesting to implement modern UI. Including modern text boxes. Etc.
    8. Shops online food delivery or making provision for third party delivery services.

  • Things look Clumsy at the User Dashboard after update and some of the items like ads and many more are not working in the new update 2.0 and I have to reverse to old version

  • Hello, To see::::

    I think they should work on improving the loading speed of the Ads Slyders. Or at least prioritize the load with respect to the rest of the section of the ads while the Slyders are loaded (Gallery of images).

    It really is the only site page that takes more than 10 seconds to load.

    The other issue is that the content is not prioritized. Until the images are loaded only so the rest of the content is displayed and that slows the loading speed.

    Another key issue is to make the site compatible with some AMP Plugins, that
    It is very important to be able to stand out in the results of mobile search.

    Can you please take it into account for future updates?

    They are doing very well. Congratulations.


  • Can you add small thing but very helpfull for users

    Add to favorites listed directorys (for users without login, people don’t like login, u can use cookies) and generate on one page and export to .pdf file selected directorys

  • You could add people listing as specialist. For example bulding constructors, lawyer, doctor, it scecialist.

    I think that wil be easy do implement as you have directory listing
    That will be awesome and No1 theme 🙂

    Take time no rush

  • I just purchased the theme version 2.0 now, and I’m trying to download the Restaurant pro demo, but I keep getting the classic demo as default after i clicked on the Restaurant pro demo. Please how do I fix this, so I would be able to import the Restaurant pro demo on my project? Thanks.

  • Hi,

    I think the events section is amazing and I have been waiting for it for quite a long time.

    Is it possible to have events without having a listing on the site.
    For example, lets say my site is for restauratns, but there is an event at a convention center for food.
    I dont want the convention center to be in my lisitngs. but I want the event to appear , Please let me know if you need me to further explain.

  • This question is in regard to the new ‘Coupons and Deals’. Will this feature provide analytics for each coupon/deal for the directory owner as well as the listing owner? This information would be valuable for me as the directory owner/admin.

  • Please i want to purchase the Restaurant Pro template, when is Listingpro 2.0 dropping so I can get this feature?

    • Free payment hooks extension will be available soon for developers to easily integrate with most payment gateways.

  • Great to see new features. Importance can be given to mobile based UI. As most of the people used mobile devices instead large screen devices. Any UI changes to make user experience great at mobile.

  • Will there be a special price for multiple licenses? I’m holding off buying ListingPro until tomorrow to see if you have any special deals.

  • Features seems to be interesting but think more importance to be given to mobile UI. As this generation and upcoming generation is purely mobile based. Please get us more feature which is giving best user experience on mobile.

  • Can you please add option to create or sugest a new category during submiting if category does not exist in directory.

    That will help directory owners to create all categorys what users need.

By Peter N.